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Bungie shows off Destiny in 1080p on the Xbox One

Destiny is a desperately beautiful game, however for Xbox One owners playing the beta, it is a game they have yet to experience at the full 1080p resolution as their PS4 counterparts have experienced; the Xbox One beta has been running at 900p resolution. Bungie has confirmed that Destiny will be launched on September 9th at the full resolution on Xbox One, but stopped short of enabling it for the current beta due to development constraints. To help satiate your hunger for high-resolution goodness, Bungie has today released footage of Destiny in 1080p on the Xbox One. It’s… well, just look:

(Quick, but obvious note: make sure you select the ‘1080p’ option in YouTube)

What tears? These aren’t tears, my eyes are just leaking… with joy. Destiny in 1080p is a sight to behold, and it looks to be making the most of the Xbox One’s additional oomph, pushing out the beautiful graphics without the hint of a stutter and looking drop-dead gorgeous. This probably won’t stop the endless debate about which console is objectively better, however it’s always good to see the Xbox One can punch at it’s weight after so many debates about its graphical output.

Destiny is expected to release on September 9th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3.

Source: IGN via Joystiq

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