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‘The Evil Within’ will do something with lots of blood at QuakeCon 2014, but it’s not what you Think

If there’s one thing we know is going to be in The Evil Within, it’s blood. The survival horror game by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks has piqued interest ever since it was first revealed with a very confronting live action trailer which featured copious amounts of the stuff. It is said that The Evil Within is going to be at QuakeCon 2014, and while there is going to be blood there, it’s not the kind that you might expect. Using the hashtag #TheGoodWithin, Bethesda has actually teamed up with the American Red Cross to host a blood donation drive at QuakeCon and help gather that precious red stuff.

The Evil Within If you’re somehow concerned that you’re not getting anything out of donating your bodily fluids (besides the joy of possibly saving someone’s life), Bethesda has made sure you’ll get your hands on “an official The Evil Within chill pack” which you can make of that what you will. If you are going to QuakeCon between July 17th to 20th, are at least 17, meet the Red Cross’ requirements, and you do want to part with some blood, be sure to visit the Topaz room between 11am-5pm on either Friday July 18th, or Saturday July 19th. This is actually a really cool way to promote the game while doing some good as well, but before you forget what the game is actually about, let’s check out that confronting trailer I mentioned earlier:

The Evil Within is due out in October 2014 on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3. Are you excited for The Evil Within? Let us know what you think of #TheGoodWithin event Bethesda is hosting.

Source: VG247

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